Ordering Policies and Procedures


Whether private records or university documents, all archival records carry a set of potentially complex unique characteristics that make their citation more difficult than published, library material. To capture the precise provenance details for an archival citation may require additional research. In general an archival citation progresses from the specific to the general. A full item-level citation requires a title and date of the item, the name of the series (if appropriate) followed by the name of the fonds and its identifying number ending with the name of the institution.

For example:

Dr. H.M. Tory to C.S. Burgess [ca. 1913], Correspondence, Acc#71-213-1-6, C.S. Burgess Fonds, University of Alberta ArchivesM

The Chicago Manual of Style (14th Edition) provides a thorough overview of documentation in Chapter 15. Section 15.277 concerns "manuscripts" and section 15.402 concerns "unpublished material.".

For details of any specific citation researchers should consult an archivist.

Personal Information

The Archives holds some records containing personal information subject to the Alberta Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. The Archives observes the privacy provisions of the Alberta Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Legislcation. Some material may not be available for reproduction. Researchers are encouraged to consult an archivist for further information.


Researchers can download our Order Form and e-mail it to archives@ualberta.ca at the Archives.