University of Alberta Archives: Pagliaro
Pagliaro, Louis and Ann

Louis A. Pagliaro joined the University in 1977 as an assistant 
professor of pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences. He was granted 
full professorship in 1988; he also holds an honorary professorship
in Educational Psychology. Dr. Pagliaro's chief research fields have 
been in clinical pharmacology, drug abuse and computer-assisted l
earning.  From 1982 to 1986 he coordinated the University's Master
of Pharmacy program; he has written five textbooks and numerous 

Most of the publications were co-authored with Ann M. Pagliaro 
of the University of Alberta Faculty of Nursing.

Text, 1975-1996, 38.91 m

Grant applications,  1977-1995 
Includes correspondence and proposals relating to agencies  
such as the Canadian Heart Foundation.

Publications, 1975-1996 
Includes correspondence, drafts, galley proofs, and reviews  
relating to the following edited works: Drug Reference Guide 
to Brand Names and Active Ingredients, Pharmacological  
Aspects of Aging, Pharmacological Aspects of Nursing, and  
Problems in Pediatric Drug Therapy.

Seminars and guest lectureships, 1987

Teaching, 1987

Access: Restricted